A Colourful Welcome

May 5, 2018

Each day on my way to the studio, I pass a house in my neighbourhood with a bright yellow door. Now, yellow is not one of my favourite colours. Truth be told, it's not even in my top 10,  but the feeling of happiness and sunshine this colour emits makes me smile every time I yield at the corner waiting to turn right.  In a neighborhood where most of the houses are builder shades of beige and taupe and cream, a colourful front door stands out and says, "welcome to my home" like nothing else can.


Last week I had a consult with a client starting a renovation, and walking up to her door I felt my smile broadening because of how fresh and welcoming her front door colour was!  As I was leaving,she pointed out her door was painted with Fusion Mineral Paint, and I knew it was Champness, a fresh blue that looks good with so many colours.




As we are now into May, and our weather has finally smartened up and realized it's spring, there's no better weekend project that painting your front door.  Here are 3 great reasons:


  • You will change the focal point of your home, drawing everyone's eye to your front door so they feel welcome coming to call.

  • With Fusion Mineral Paint, this is a low cost and quick update to dramatically change your entrance.

  • You can inject some personality and character into your entrance by simply adding a pop of colour.


Fusion Mineral paint comes in over 50 colours plus it's blendable into unlimited shades so there's no reason to leave your front door a boring beige.  [Or white....or whatever colour you painted it years ago that really needs to be freshened up...]  Check out my inspiration gallery for some amazing doors painted with Fusion at the end of this post!




Leave a comment on this Facebook post about what colour you would paint your front door, and include a photo of your current front door to be entered to win a complete package with everything you need to make the transformation!  Winner to be chosen May 19th!  Know someone whose front door needs some love?  Share this post or our FB post with them so they can enter too!  (Must be a resident of Grande Prairie, AB and area.)

How To:


  1. Clean your front door with TSP or another de-greaser like Simple Green, and rinse with water to remove any cleaner residue.  [Fusion now makes a biodegradable concentrated formula of TSP that doesn't have to be rinsed, just sayin. #saveastep]

  2. If your door is wood, give it a light sand in the direction of the wood grain. If it has a varnish or chipping paint or stain, sand it smooth for the best surface to paint as any rough surfaces left from old paint jobs will show under the new paint.  If it is not wood, just a quick scuff with a sanding block will rough up the surface slightly,

  3. Unless you are a super careful cleaner, use green painter's tape to tape off your door jamb and any exposed hardware, glass, etc. to protect it from the paint.

  4. If your door has been painted with an oil based paint or primer, you will need a thin coat of Fusion Ultra Grip applied with an applicator pad, brush or microfibre roller.  This is an adhesion primer that makes "unpaintable" surfaces easy to paint with Fusion. Let dry for 12 hours.

  5. Paint two coats of your favourite Fusion colour on your door with a brush or microfibre roller, leaving a few hours between coats.

  6. Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in acrylic top coat and is super durable, and easily wipeable, however If this door is your main entrance and gets a lot of wear and tear, we recommend putting a coat or two of Tough Coat, or Natural Stain and Finishing Oil (for dark colours) overtop to protect it.  

  7. Watch people smile when they see your new colourful front door!


Fusion is both water and UV (fade) resistant - so it's the perfect, durable and easy to apply choice for an exterior door.


INSPIRATION from a few of my fellow Fusionistas!



Take a moment to visit my Fusion sisters that graciously shared their front door projects with us from all over the world:

L to R, T to B:











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